Language Friend / Partner

Language Friend / Partner


Durra Language Center has built a unique advantage not available in other language centers, which is the language friend / partner inside the dorm. This additional service helps student practice his / her daily life in Arabic.


After the end of the study time inside the center, students go back to their room where foreign students learning Arabic language mingle with Jordanian and Arab students living in the same dorm. This communication helps a lot in learning Arabic language, especially listening and conversation skills, and helps through attending well-planned conversations designed to be in line with what the student has taken during his study in the center, and in a real life example and environment.


The dorm’s supervisor shall not allow any student to speak in any language other than Arabic.


From our experience, we can assure you that in a relatively short period of time students will be able to practice Arabic language in terms of reading, writing, listening, and the most important is speaking and entering into interactive clear conversations.


Therefore, our methodology in Durra Language Center is to make the practicing of Arabic language becomes available all over the day, thanks to the role of the dormitory and language friend / partner.