First Day & Registration

First Day & Registration


Student’s first day in the center is an unforgettable day, the first impression he/she gets stays with him/her forever, therefore, we made sure at Durra Language Center to make the first day a great experience and beautiful impression that stays with the student as part of his/her memories.


First day starts with welcoming students at the center, and by drinking Arabic coffee, then we give him/her a quick tour at the center to explain the available facilities.


We then provide student with his/her personal badge and the center’s Wi-Fi password for the free access to the internet. Student gets all the planned necessary printings to get introduced to the center and the dormitory, and the visit/business cards for the center and dorm employees to call them when needed. Center gets copy of student’s passport and asks him/her to fill in a student registration form.


After a break session and getting introduced to his/her colleagues, all students move to their classrooms to sit for a placement written test to determine his/her language knowledge level, then each student attends an oral/verbal interview to better determine the best fit language level.


After finishing the test and interview, students will be taken in an introductory tour inside the capital Amman to get an idea about the main touristic and archeological sites and shopping centers.


Hot drinks are always available and free inside the center to students. Light sandwiches are available for sale.