Advantages of Durra Language Center

Advantages of Durra Language Center

Durra Language Center:

- The use of latest methods and approaches of teaching foreign languages to non-native speakers.

- Abundance of training and classroom activities.

- Taking into account the gradual process in the presentation of the lesson, structures and linguistic phrases.

- Offering a number of standard learning tests on a regular basis.

- A team of qualified lecturers with high expertise, specialized in teaching Arabic language for non-native speakers.

- Free Wi-Fi services.

- Variety of social activities.

- The center is located in a calm area in West Amman.

- Students get certificates at the end of the courses certified by the Ministry of Culture.



- Offering modern furnished homes with catering service offering three meals daily.

- Having a language partner at home to talk with in Arabic language.


Additional Services:

- Touristic, historical and cultural tours to put in practice the speaking of Arabic language.

- Services of reception at and pick-up from the airport and vice versa.

- Transport services from home to the center and vice versa.