Durra Language Center Logo

Durra Language Center Logo

Durra Language Center Logo consists of two parts: Part one is the green dome shape, the other part is the name of the center in both languages, Arabic and English.


The dome, in fact, represents the logo of Durra Shareefa educational and cultural group, which consists of several specialized institutions: Durra Shareefa School, Durra Sports Club, Durra Youth Forum, in addition to Durra Language Center.


Design of the logo includes the following main components: Shape of outside frame matches the architectural form of the green dome. Green dome refers to the symbolic meaning in the heart of Muslims, prophet dwelling in the dome (peace be upon him), and considering prophet Mohammad is the city of knowledge. This is more like having an interrelationship between Durra educational and cultural institutions and prophet Mohammad; preceptor of humanity.


Feather ink pen has been drawn on top of the dome as a symbol to denote the significance of knowledge and learning, and mention the use of pen in the educational process, as stated in Quran, Surah Al Alaq (God who taught and gave knowledge by pen). Pen has been drawn upwards to denote the importance of the pursuit of higher matters, and highness to seek knowledge through devotion to God.


The third component of the logo is the green leaves used to write the word “Durra” in Arabic. It provides symbolic meanings of giving, vitality and benevolent.


The greatest part of the design is the spotlight that appears at the top middle of the dome to symbolize the light of knowledge and glory.


Meaning of the word “Durra Shareefa”:

The light of prophet dwelling in the green dome, God gave him knowledge, so he became the city of knowledge and the beacon of humanity (peace be upon him).