Trips and Touristic Tours

Trips and Touristic Tours


With Durra Language Center you will have the chance to visit archaeological, Nabataean, Islamic, and Christian sites, in addition to visiting wonderful touristic and entertainment sites in Jordan.


Example of trips:


Petra: The Rose City, featured in films such as “Indiana Jones III”.


Wadi Rum: Where the natural stunning scenery, it is an ideal place for camping and adventure, and ideal for those who would like to explore the local Bedouins life in the desert.


Shrines of the Prophets: Shoaib and Joshua peace be upon them.


Shrines of the Prophet Mohammad companions: Abu Ubayda and Mu’ath.


Ajloun: Salah Ad-Din Castle on top of the witch mountains.


Dead Sea: The lowest point on earth.


Jarash: known in its Roman amphitheater and magnificent monuments.


In addition to touristic tours to wonderful museums in Amman.


Durra Language Center provides several touristic brochures to help students explore other touristic sites such as: Nebo mountain, Babtism site, Ma’een baths, Um Qais, Zay, Azraq Oasis, Dhana Reserve, Moujeb Valley, and others…