Silsilat Al-Lisan (Mother Tongue)

Silsilat Al-Lisan (Mother Tongue)


The series covers all the aspects and elements of the language such as speaking, reading and writing in addition to some practical grammatical rules. These topics also meet all the requirements that the learner needs and comprehensively cover the topics handled.


Topics have been chosen according to the Dewey Decimal System in the division of human knowledge topics.


Objectives of the Al-lisan series:

Achieving basic proficiency in the following linguistic skills:

      - The ability to fully understand Arabic conversations or audio materials.

      - Facilitates perfect understanding of written material.

      - Enables fluent conversation and self-expression.

      - The ability to write words, sentences and essays.


Achieving basic proficiency in applying the following linguistic elements:

      - Arabic sounds, characteristics of letters and solving pronunciation problems

      - The vocabulary and expressions related to topics used in the everyday life.

      - Sound grammatical structures.

      - Achieving basic proficiency in communicating with Arabic speakers.

      - Achieving cultural proficiency in communicating with Arabic speakers.