Durra Affiliated Institutions (Our sister NGO’s)

Durra Affiliated Institutions (Our sister NGO’s)

Durra Shareefa School

Durra Shareefa School was established in 2009. It aims to provide high-level education, using modern educational techniques, linked to value and ethics. It aims to create scientifically distinguished members, able to acquire knowledge and creative thinking, serving their homeland and their nature faithfully.


Durra Shareefa School has two branches:


First: In Amman, airport road, established in 2009.


Second: In Amman, Wadi Sir, established in 2014.


Durra Youth Forum

A Program established in 2010, focusing on school and university students to work on personal conscious building.


Durra Sports Club

A Club established in 2016, works on building and motivating youth sport talents and ethics, and participates in a variety of sport competitions.